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Breakfast Foods

Have Breakfast and Brunch items with Jambo Shoppe in Nairobi. Browse a wide product range for your daily needs and place your order, and enjoy!
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Impact Popped Amaranth 200g
Ksh 2,250.00 KSh 1,299.00
42% OFF
Stars Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa - 400g
Ksh 800.00 KSh 680.00
15% OFF
Impact Honey And Natural Spice Home Remedy
Ksh 3,950.00 KSh 1,800.00
54% OFF
Impact Honey 100% Pure Forest Honey 50g
Ksh 2,200.00 KSh 1,370.00
37% OFF
Impact Honey 100% Pure Forest Honey-1.5 Kg
Ksh 4,110.00 KSh 3,100.00
24% OFF
Black Coffee Instant Coffee Mix Powder
Ksh 1,800.00 KSh 1,500.00
16% OFF
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