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Fridge and Freezer

Refrigerators are a must not just to preserve fresh items but also to store and keep drinks cool. Shop from top brands like Nexus, Armco, Rebune, Bruhm and Ramtons.

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ARMCO ARF-NF642(S) - 480L Frost Free Refrigerator.
Ksh 130,000.00 KSh 109,995.00
15% OFF
Fridge Guard white normal white normal
Ksh 2,400.00 KSh 799.00
66% OFF
Pinnacle 11 Litres Cooler Box
Ksh 7,000.00 KSh 4,100.00
41% OFF
Nexus NX-450NFK, Refrigerator, 344Litres - Inox
Ksh 82,000.00 KSh 71,950.00
12% OFF
Super General SGF-310H 300 Ltr-10.5Cu.Ft CF
Ksh 79,999.00 KSh 41,999.00
47% OFF
Von VAFC-26DUS Showcase Freezer - Grey
Ksh 49,000.00 KSh 46,995.00
4% OFF
Von VAFC-12DUS Showcase Freezer - Grey
Ksh 36,995.00 KSh 32,995.00
10% OFF
Von VAFC-19DUS Showcase Freezer - Grey
Ksh 45,000.00 KSh 42,995.00
4% OFF
Von VAFC-35DXS Chest Freezers, 342L - Grey
Ksh 99,000.00 KSh 96,995.00
2% OFF
Von VAFC-33DUS Showcase Freezer - Grey
Ksh 58,000.00 KSh 54,995.00
5% OFF
Von VART-78NHS Double Door Fridge 490L - Silver
Ksh 140,000.00 KSh 132,995.00
5% OFF
Ksh 40,000.00 KSh 32,450.00
18% OFF
Hisense RD27DR4SA 206L Double Door Fridge
Ksh 51,000.00 KSh 49,642.00
2% OFF
Von VART-19DHS Double Door Fridge 136L - Silver
Ksh 45,000.00 KSh 42,495.00
5% OFF
Bruhm BRD-205TENI Frost Free Double Door Fridge
Ksh 65,000.00 KSh 55,499.00
14% OFF
Midea HD-333FWEN Double Door Refrigerator
Ksh 65,000.00 KSh 55,299.00
14% OFF
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Buy Fridge and Freezers Online

You are at the right place if you're looking for fridges and freezers. You've probably figured out that everything you're looking for is found on Jambo Shoppe. We have thousands of amazingly cheap fridges and freezers in every product category. We guarantee that you'll find it on Jambo Shoppe, whether you're seeking for high-end labels or low-cost purchases.

Shop Fridge and Freezer from Jamboshop

Fridges and freezers from reputable brands such as Samsung, LG, Ramtons, Mika, Bruhm, and Icecool are available from Jambo Shoppe. Our website has the highest-quality fridges and freezers. Get energy-efficient, long-lasting fridge and freezers with unique features that keep food fresher for longer.

Shop for high-tech fridge and freezers such as Samsung refrigerators with cold packs that keep food frozen in the case of a power loss. Single door fridge from Jambo Shoppe are high-quality, fashionable, and built with the best materials for long-term durability.

When it comes to pricing and quality, Jambo Shoppe leads in the market. Deep freezer price is very affordable that will save you money. Moreover, you can take advantage of the benefits of special offers and deals. However, you may need to move quickly because most of our top refrigerator-freezer is quickly becoming one of the most popular best-sellers. Shopping online at our online shop will not only help you save money but also make your shopping easy and very convenient.

Buy Double Door Refrigerator Online in Kenya

Choose from a wide variety of fridges and freezers, including single door and double door varieties, all at the lowest prices available. At Jambo Shoppe, you can also find double door fridges, which will make your life in the kitchen a lot easier and convenient. 

Pricing at Jambo Shoppe online shop is amazingly affordable. As an e-commerce business, Jambo Shoppe strives to provide its customers with best products at competitive prices in the market. You will not find anywhere else such pocket friendly prices on appliances and other products that Jambo Shoppe offers.

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Find our fantastic fridges discounts and benefit from high-quality products as well as speedy delivery to your preferred location. When you shop for fridges and freezers on Jambo Shoppe, you'll find models with a high-efficiency compressor, an easy-to-clean interior, as well as sophisticated mechanical temperature control.

If you're still undecided about fridge-freezers and want to compare prices and sellers, Jambo Shoppe is a great place to start. We'll help you figure out whether it's worth you to spend more for a higher-end version or if acquiring the cheaper item is a better option.

Apart from single door and double door fridges, we also have best side by side refrigerator. And, if you simply want to spoil yourself and get the most costly version of fridge or freezer, Jambo Shoppe will ensure you receive the best value for your money, including advising you on the best brand you should buy.

Best Refrigerator to Buy in Kenya Online

Feel free to contact our customer care for further clarification. When you purchase your ideal fridge or freezer from one of the hundreds of vendors on our platform, Jambo Shoppe takes pleasure in ensuring that you make an informed decision.

Real customers rate each store and seller on customer service, price, and quality. The fridges and freezers provided are ideal for a variety of uses in the home and business, including health, dining, and entertainment. The options are excellent for both business and personal use. At Jambo Shoppe, you'll find unique and stylish appliances such as LG refrigerators and other reputable brand that complement any interior decor.