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LED TVs come in different sizes and inches. If you are looking for the best LED TV online always remember that bigger is better but again you need to balance the size of your TV with the size of your room. At Jambo Shoppe, LED TVs are available in different sizes including 18 inch LED TVs, 32 inch LED TVs, 40 inches LED TVs. and many more.

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TCL 32 Inch 32S65A Smart HD Frameless Android TV
Ksh 25,000.00 KSh 20,908.00
16% OFF
TCL 32D3000 32-inch Digital TV
Ksh 16,700.00 KSh 14,800.00
11% OFF
Royal 22'' Inches, HD-LED DIGITAL TV
Ksh 12,500.00 KSh 9,500.00
24% OFF
Vitron 24 Inch Digital LED-TV -in Built Decorder
Ksh 13,000.00 KSh 10,599.00
18% OFF
Amtec 24 Inch - Digital LED TV
Ksh 20,000.00 KSh 12,499.00
37% OFF
Amtec 24'' Digital LED_TV Ac_Dc - Black HDMI_Port
Ksh 24,600.00 KSh 20,300.00
17% OFF
Vitron 19
Ksh 39,200.00 KSh 32,599.00
16% OFF
Vitron 22 Inch, LED TV -USB AND HDMI PORT.
Ksh 8,700.00 KSh 7,999.00
8% OFF
Vitron 32-inch LED Digital TV
Ksh 15,500.00 KSh 13,499.00
12% OFF
Sonar 32 Inch LED DIGITAL TV
Ksh 20,000.00 KSh 12,799.00
36% OFF
CTC 26 Inches LED Digital TV
Ksh 15,000.00 KSh 9,975.00
33% OFF
Sonar 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV
Ksh 23,000.00 KSh 12,599.00
45% OFF
Toshiro TRO24LEDT 24 inches FHD LED TV
Ksh 20,000.00 KSh 11,999.00
40% OFF
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Buy LED TVs Online at Jamboshop

Over the years the evolution of technology has brought about fascinating innovations of LED television. From the days of box TV to the invention of LED television, the redefinition of image quality has attracted the attention of everyone who has the desire to upgrade and wants good quality at an affordable price.

Today LED TVs are more sophisticated and better televisions that they used to be a decade ago. They pack amazing features that enable you to enjoy life more and derive more satisfaction from the television.

LED TV Online Shopping in Kenya

On Jamboshop the leading online electronic shop in Kenya, we understand how important it is shop for a new television. In that regard, we have stock a large collection of affordable LED TV from different brand s including Vitron, Skyworth, Armco, Toshiba and many more. With our LED TVs you get to feel the reality of the drama as if you are involved.

They pack amazing colour resolutions that make the viewing experience superb and entertainment. With our LED TVs, nothing is stopping you from being part of the vivid technology. Spoil yourself with a digital LED TV and experience it yourself. You can as well make the experience more exciting by purchasing our home theatre systems and boost excitement. 

Where to Shop for LED TVs in Kenya

On Jamboshop, there are numerous choices for anyone who wants to upgrade or replace their television. When choosing the right television there are several things that you have to consider. Below are some few tips to keep an eye on.  In this contemporary world, the most popular TVs include Curves and flat-screen TVs.

They all come with different specifications as well as benefits. For instance, flat-screen LED TVs are light weight and easier to mount. They can also be vowed from different angles hence providing you with a wide viewing angle. At Jamboshop, the best online shop in Nairobi, the TVs are in different brands including top brands like Sony and Samsung and also pack great color resolution.

For those who want a more stylish design, you can buy a curved LED TV. These TVs are not only stylish but also enhance whatever you watching making them more real.