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Portable Audios

The best audio accessories and bluetooth speakers are must-have gadgets for any music lover, thanks to their portability, reliability, and excellent audio quality. This makes it easy to understand why they’ve become the go-to sound solution for music lovers looking to take their tunes with them everywhere they go.

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CK IN2U For Men - EDT - 100ml
Ksh 7,800.00 KSh 3,490.00
55% OFF
Kisonli K200 Multimedia Speaker
Ksh 2,000.00 KSh 1,100.00
45% OFF
T&G Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Ksh 3,500.00 KSh 2,999.00
14% OFF
Multimedia speakers 2.0 USB
Ksh 2,000.00 KSh 1,355.00
32% OFF
Robot Digital Wireless-Bluetooth Speaker
Ksh 1,299.00 KSh 1,199.00
7% OFF
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With LED Light
Ksh 3,000.00 KSh 1,899.00
36% OFF
WS 1822 bluetooth soundbar
Ksh 3,500.00 KSh 2,399.00
31% OFF
Oraimo Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Ksh 7,000.00 KSh 5,999.00
14% OFF
Bluetooth Sound Bar Speaker
Ksh 3,899.00 KSh 2,799.00
28% OFF
T&G Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Ksh 2,999.00 KSh 1,999.00
33% OFF
T&G (TG117) Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Ksh 1,300.00 KSh 1,999.00
-53% OFF
Ksh 2,200.00 KSh 2,000.00
9% OFF
Oraimo SoundView Portable Wireless Speaker
Ksh 2,800.00 KSh 1,799.00
35% OFF
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Shop Latest Bluetooth Speakers Online In Kenya

Whether you are headed for a jog, to the garden or the beach, the best Bluetooth speakers are a must-have accessory. At Jamboshop, the leading online electronic shop in Kenya you can find all the kinds of portable headsets you have been searching for listening to your favourite music on your best Bluetooth headset is always a passionate and calming experience.

Music and songs have the ability to soothe our minds and bodies like magic. The invention of modern audio technology has offered us an immersive experience that has transformed how we listen to music and watch videos. Nowadays, owning an awesome speaker is a matter of pride and a precious possession for many.

Buy Audio Accessories Online For Listening Music

Music lovers should always choose high-quality audio accessories from reputable brands. Jamboshop, the best online shop in Kenya provides a wide variety of premium speakers in various categories including home theatre speakers, headphones, portable portable speakers, waterproof bluetooth speakers, soundbars, subwoofers, outdoor speakers, satellite speakers, etc. These speakers emit powerful sounds accompanied by a strong bass sound-making listening to music enjoyable and calming.

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers To Buy

Waterproof bluetooth speakers are lightweight and can be carried along easily to various destinations. We also have waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are favourable for outdoor activities and come at an incredible price. So only buy portable speakers online on Jamboshop and take them where the fun is. Where its t the beach, at the swimming pools or the campsite they won’t let you down.

These speakers come with long-lasting batteries that can keep the party going for a significant amount of time. While shopping at Jamboshop, you can read the product description and reviews and make a wise decision about the right Bluetooth speaker for you. Some of the top-selling brands at Jamboshop include JBL, Anker, Sony, Pioneer, Logitech, etc.

These are some of the best audio accessories labels in Kenya and the world. Each of them has its own unique features and options hence providing you with a variety. Buy portable Bluetooth speakers online at Jamboshop and get genuine products with a variety of benefits. Now your journeys can be fun and entertaining when you're carrying your music with you. Make every family trip and get together memorable with our products and the spice of life!