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Smart TV

Technology is growing fast, and we suggest you tag along. How about a computertelevision, and multi-accessory all wrapped into one? Shop for a Smart TV now online at Jamboshoppe for the best prices. We have all the brands and sizes for you. Browse our catalog for more. 

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TCL 43P725 43 inch 4K UHD Smart TV
Ksh 55,000.00 KSh 47,000.00

14% OFF
TCL 75C728 75-inch QLED TV
Ksh 220,000.00 KSh 196,421.00

10% OFF
TCL 65C725 65-inch QLED Smart Android UHD 4K TV
Ksh 120,000.00 KSh 113,616.00

5% OFF
TCL 65P725 65-inch 4K UHD Android TV
Ksh 115,000.00 KSh 101,307.00

11% OFF
Star-X 32 Inch LED Smart Android HD TV
Ksh 25,000.00 KSh 16,999.00

32% OFF
SYINIX 43 Smart television
Ksh 45,000.00 KSh 33,500.00

25% OFF
Hisense 43A4HKEN 43 Inch smartFrameless A4
Ksh 45,000.00 KSh 38,500.00

14% OFF
TCL 40S65A, 40-inch, HD AI SMART TV
Ksh 35,500.00 KSh 31,500.00

11% OFF
Vitron 40 Inch TV SMART Android TV
Ksh 3,000.00 KSh 2,270.00

24% OFF
SYINIX 50 Smart Android 4k television
Ksh 60,000.00 KSh 52,000.00

13% OFF
TCL 75C725 75-inch QLED Android UHD 4K TV
Ksh 185,000.00 KSh 174,041.00

5% OFF
TCL 55C728 55-inch Smart Android Qled 4K UHD TV
Ksh 88,000.00 KSh 78,927.00

10% OFF
Ksh 60,000.00 KSh 56,547.00

5% OFF
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Buy Smart TV Online in Kenya

A smart TV is a Television with an embedded Operating System (OS) which allows the TV to become a computer. It is a set with internet and app access and the ability to display digital photos and video. They even have access to many streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, and Pandora. This is in addition to whatever regional service you would have on your basic set. Some models also have basic data editing capabilities and Skype communication. Some even have a built-in camera, allowing you to Skype with all the relatives in the living room!

Order Smart TV in Nairobi

Like all technology, smart TVs come in various shapes and sizes. They can be found anywhere from 22 inches to as large as 88 inches. In addition to the size of the TV, you will also find smart TVs come with two screen resolutions: 720p and 1080p. Many people are drawn to smart TVs because of their ease of use. With the TV set connected to the internet, you can stream your favorite shows or view the news with a couple of quick keystrokes. You can even upload photos directly from your camera to share with family and friends through social media services like Facebook.

Affordable Smart TVs Online At Jamboshop Kenya

Fill your room with action, adventure, comedy, romance, horror, and suspense. Smart TVs drown your house with life-like color and amazing clarity. You can find them on sale at Nairobi’s leading online store. Jamboshoppe is a world-class online store and one of the most reputable shops in Kenya, offering you the best prices online. Jamboshoppe is one of the best stores to buy smart TV accessories. It’s well-known for its high-quality products as well as low prices. It also has a huge range of products from all the leading manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and LG. Treat your family to the ultimate in-home entertainment with a Smart TV from Jamboshoppe today.

Buy Smart Tv Near Me Online in Kenya 

At Jamboshop, the leading online electronic shop in Kenya, there is a wide variety of quality Smart TVs that you can buy and stream your favorite television shows, play digital games, or browse via social media. Please browse our catalog today and place your order to enjoy doorstep delivery.