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Welcome to Kenya's No.1 TV Store. Select from a wide range of Television, LCD, LED, UHD, and Smart TVs. Jamboshop is the best destination for your TV purchase. Get Exclusive Offer on Tvs sale - Get 10% Extra Off + Free shipping in Nairobi and get delivery anywhere in Kenya. Use Code JAMBO3YR
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Von VEL40FSVF 40 inch LED Smart TV
Ksh 38,660.00 KSh 33,995.00
12% OFF
Von VEL43FSVF 43 inch LED Smart TV
Ksh 38,900.00 KSh 36,995.00
4% OFF
TCL 32 Inch 32S65A Smart HD Frameless Android TV
Ksh 25,000.00 KSh 20,908.00
16% OFF
TCL 40S65A, 40-inch, HD AI SMART TV
Ksh 35,500.00 KSh 31,500.00
11% OFF
TCL 32D3000 32-inch Digital TV
Ksh 16,700.00 KSh 14,800.00
11% OFF
Royal 22'' Inches, HD-LED DIGITAL TV
Ksh 12,500.00 KSh 9,500.00
24% OFF
Vitron 24 Inch Digital LED-TV -in Built Decorder
Ksh 13,000.00 KSh 10,599.00
18% OFF
Amtec 24 Inch - Digital LED TV
Ksh 20,000.00 KSh 12,499.00
37% OFF
Amtec 24'' Digital LED_TV Ac_Dc - Black HDMI_Port
Ksh 24,600.00 KSh 20,300.00
17% OFF
Vitron 19
Ksh 39,200.00 KSh 32,599.00
16% OFF
Vitron 22 Inch, LED TV -USB AND HDMI PORT.
Ksh 8,700.00 KSh 7,999.00
8% OFF
CTC 24 Inch Digital TV -USB And HDMI Ports
Ksh 23,000.00 KSh 11,000.00
52% OFF
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Buy Television Online For Sale In Kenya

Shopping for the best TV online used to be simple. There were fewer standards and specs to consider when looking for a superior television. Nowadays buying a TV needs a lot of considerations including screen resolution, screen size, smart or digital among others. These technological advances have turned our TVs from entertainment systems to information hubs.

The majority of flat-screen televisions now function like computers and are able to carry out many other functions than just an enjoyable viewing experience. To get the most out of your flat-screen TV it’s important to understand what facilities and functionality it provides before you buy the LED TV.

Best Television Brands in Kenya

Jambo shoppe, the best electronic shop in Nairobi stocks an impressive range of the latest LED TV, LCD TV, OLED TV, Smart TV, and select few QLED televisions. Every TV on the site is accompanied by helpful descriptions and specs so that you can make an informed purchasing decision and get your desired television in terms of specs and standards.

The most common choice has to be the LED TV which has taken over as the standard due to its clarity and adaptability. Jambo shoppe has a wide range of theses TVs available in trusted brands like Sony, Samsung, TCL, LG , and more. Plus there are lots of TV accessories to serve various purposes including HDMI cables to connect your laptop with the Television, a wall bracket to mount any size of TV including a Samsung 65 inch smart TV.

Furthermore, Jambo shoppe runs regular TV deals to offer you these beauties at unbelievable prices. To view all the latest televisions specials at Jambo shoppe, simply check for LED and smart TV section where they’ve been grouped together for your browsing convenience.

Buy Television Online in Kenya at Jambo shoppe

Another factor to consider before buying a TV is the screen type, which is important. A 32 inch smart TV can be perfect for a family setup but it is only as good as the systems that drive it as well as other variations. The basic flat screen system will allow the connection of a standard aerial plus a DVD/BluRay player and gaming consoles.

The connection is via an HDMI or High Definition Media Interface socket that again, has become an industry-standard although most systems also include SCART to allow the use of older peripherals. There are other connection methods available such as fiber optic and USB but they serve different purposes.

TV Set For Sale in Kenya

Also with the advent of micro-control systems came the smart TV, which acts like a computer. They have the facility for connection to a variety of peripherals and many have internet access via Wi-Fi and LAN. With an android smart TV, you can take advantage of services such as YouTube, Facebook, and internet TV subscription sites via your flat-screen television making them the primary home entertainment system.

You can even view your home movies via USB. Their lightweight design also allows the use of a TV bracket, making it possible to mount them to a wall. Prices and sizes for TV's vary, depending on your budget and what you want from them, so it is great to know that Jambo shoppe offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a 32 inch LED TV on special or are willing to shell out top dollar on high-end TVs, you’ll find something that suits your needs at Jambo shoppe.