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EPP Yoga Foam Roller Fitness Massage ball Set Peanut Massager Balls for Leg/Arm/Back/Feet Pain Self-Myofascial Treatment Tool

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How to Choice ?

We add some Only balls set.Please be careful about what you choice .

Choice 1: Foam roller +Balls set
Choice 2: 3 Pieces Balls set
Choice 3: 2 Pieces Balls set
Choice 4: only foam roller

(Big Peanut Ball can be used as roller,easy to carry .)


This firm EPP foam roller is ideal for users who desire a deeper and more intense massage.
If you want more soft , we suggest the EVA Foam Roller .Welcome connect us.

What is the benefit ?

1. Calms sore muscles
20 minutes of foam rolling immediately after exercise (and then once a day for 2 days) resulted in significantly less post-workout muscle soreness than workouts without foam rolling.

2. Improves flexibility
foam rollers boost range of motion.

3. Smoothes your skin and (possibly) cellulite
Generally speaking, cellulite happens when fat collects between surface-level fascia and collagen fibers. And your roller does massage your body?s fascia (the net of connective tissues that hold your muscles together).

Just like dry brushing, foam rolling can *temporarily* increase circulation so your skin looks plumper and smoother.

4. Reduces tension and back pain
To avoid straining your lower back, try flipping your foam roller so it?s parallel with your spine. Roll slowly from side to side to work out the knots in your lower back and shoulder blades until the tension melts away.

5. Relieves fibromyalgia pain
Anyone with fibromyalgia knows fibro symptoms can interfere with the simplest of daily activities. From fatigue to stiffness and pain, the reminders of the disease are constant.

One small study of 66 folks with fibromyalgia found that those who used a foam roller on the reg for 20 weeks or more seem to have less:

There haven?t been many scientific trials on how foam rolling affects people with fibromyalgia, but the preliminary research is promising.

6. Helps you chill TF out
Tension headaches, achy backs, jelly legs ? tight muscles make us cranky AF.

Foam rolling fans say the activity helps them relax, which makes sense. It?s a form of self-massage, after all.

Here?s when to avoid foam rolling:
if you have a muscle tear
if you have a broken bone
if you?re in pregnancy
If you have any kind of serious injury, it?s best to talk to your doctor before busting out your foam roller.

Safety tips
Use gentle pressure if you?re new to foam rolling.
Avoid rolling over your joints ? knees, elbows, and ankles.
Use the foam roller on your legs in sections ? for instance, quads first, then calves. This keeps you from rolling over the backs of your knees.