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Smart Bluetooth Leather Key Holder

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  • Cold & hot water : No

  • Color Finish : Chrome

  • Usage : Hotel, Home, Bathroom

  • Installation : One hole & deck mounted, complete with hoses and accessory

  • Dia. of Inlet Pipe : G1/2

  • Suitable Water Pressure : 0.1-0.6Mpa

  • Material : Brass

  • Double click setting: alarm or voice recording setting

  • Record list: recorded voice is stored in this state

  • Simply press Play button to play/pause and scroll left of the list to delete it.

  • APP password setting

  • Map switch: choose between Google Map and Baidu Map

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This Smart Key Holder is powered by a pre-installed Button Battery which is replaceable.

How it operates  
1.Open the Bluetooth of your cellphone at the setting menu.

2.Power on/off

Power on: Press and hold the power button on the smart leather product about five seconds until you hear the beep twice.

Power off: Press the power button about five seconds on the smart leather product until long "beep" sound.

3.Connect the smart leather product APP will connect to the smart leather product automatically. lf brown button appears, cellphone have connected with the smart leather product. If APP just display another button, it means that cellphone has not been connected with smart leather products, please click the button to connect lt.

If you open the APP, it does not display any icon on the screen of cellphone, please click on the on upper right corner to search for the smart leather product automatically.

4.Click the brown button, the smart leather product will ring to indicate that it can work normally.

1.Find the smart leather product: Click the O, the cellphone will ring to indicate that where it is.

2.Find the cellphone: Double click the power button on the smart leather product, the cellphone will ring to let you know where it is.


If you leave your smart leather products behind, your cellphone will ring to let you know. If you leave your cellphone behind, your smart leather product will beep to let you know. When the cellphone alerts, a red icon will appear. Click to close the ring of the cellphone.


Location list: when you pack your car, press the button on smart leather product, it will mark your current location on the map. Press the "Location list" and you will find where your vehicle is with easy tracking when you leave any big or underground parking lot.

Lost history: if the smart leather product is lost, a pin-drop will be marked automatically on the map to tell you the site was lost. Press “lost history” to find the record.

Remark: to delete the list, just scroll left and press the “delete” menu.


Press the “photograph” button, it will turn to camera mode.

·Press top right and left to set the flashlight and camera.

· Press the button on the right you can set burst shooting and interval timer shooting.

· Press the button on the product once, it works as remote shutter to take photos.

Do not disturb mode

There are 2 modes;

·  “Do Not Disturb” (22:00-7:00) at rest time (opened default).

·  Normal “Do Not Disturb” mode.

On the “setting” interface, switch on “Do Not Disturb”, alert function of the product will be shut down. Switching on “Do not Disturb” (22:00-7:00), the alert will be shut down between (22:00-7:00).

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