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  • 125ML
  • Nourishing Ingredients: Infused with conditioning agents like shea butter and aloe vera extract, it not only provides hold but also nourishes and moisturizes your edges, keeping them healthy.

  • Natural Hair Friendly: Formulated without harsh chemicals, this gel is gentle on natural hair textures, promoting edge health and vitality.

  • Travel-Friendly Size: The compact 125ml container allows for easy application and portability, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

  • Long-Lasting Hold: This 125ml gel ensures your edges stay sleek and defined throughout the day, offering a strong hold without stiffness.

  • Flake-Free Formula: Designed to be virtually flake-free, this gel keeps your style polished and free from unsightly residue.

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Taming flyaways and achieving sleek, laid edges is an essential part of many natural hairstyles. My Natural Hair Edge Styling Gel, offered in a travel-friendly 125ml container, is designed to address this need. It promises to hold your edges in place for a polished look, all while keeping them flake-free and nourished.

Key Features of My Natural Hair Edge Styling Gel (125ml)

Long-Lasting Hold: This 125ml bottle of gel provides a strong hold to keep your edges smooth and defined throughout the day.
Flake-Free Formula: Unlike some gels that can leave white flakes, My Natural Hair Edge Styling Gel aims to be virtually flake-free, ensuring your style looks polished.
Nourishing Ingredients: The formula is designed to nourish and condition your edges while providing hold, avoiding ingredients that can be drying.
Natural Hair Friendly: The ingredients are intended to be compatible with natural hair textures, avoiding harsh chemicals that can damage your edges.
125ml Size: The convenient 125ml size allows for easy application and portability, making it ideal for touch-ups on the go.
Ingredients and Benefits (Presumed)

While the full ingredient list might not be available, some potential ingredients based on the advertised be:

Film-Forming Polymers: These ingredients help create a strong cast around the hair strand, holding your edges in place and preventing flyaways.
Conditioning Agents: Shea butter, aloe vera extract, or panthenol can add moisture and prevent the gel from drying out your edges, keeping them soft and manageable.
Humectants: Glycerin or aloe vera can attract and retain moisture in your edges, preventing them from becoming brittle.
How to Use My Natural Hair Edge Styling Gel (125ml)

Apply a small amount of gel from the 125ml container to your fingertips or a spoolie brush.
Smooth the gel along your hairline in the direction of your desired style. You can use a toothbrush for extra precision.
For extra hold, apply a second thin layer of gel if needed. Be mindful of using too much product, as this can cause buildup and white flakes.
Allow the gel to dry completely for maximum hold. You can use a blow dryer on a cool setting to speed up the drying process.
Additional Tips for Styling Edges with Gel

Moisturize First: Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner or edge control cream to your edges before using the gel. This helps to add moisture and prevent the gel from drying them out.
Laying Techniques: There are various techniques for laying edges, such as the “comb-over” or the “brushing method.” Experiment to find what works best for your hair texture and desired style.
Scalp Protection: Avoid applying gel directly to your scalp, as this can clog pores and potentially irritate your scalp.
Where to Buy My Natural Hair Edge Styling Gel (125ml)

My Natural Hair Edge Styling Gel (125ml) appears to be available in South Africa from retailers like Clicks [Clicks South Africa] and through the My Natural Hair website [My Natural Hair South Africa]. Since it’s a South African brand, availability in other regions might be limited. However, you can search online for retailers that stock the brand or explore similar edge control gels suitable for natural hair available in a 125ml size or other volumes depending on your preference.

User Reviews and Feedback

There are currently limited online reviews available for My Natural Hair Edge Styling Gel. If you’re considering trying it, searching for reviews of the brand or similar products online might be helpful.


For those seeking a strong hold edge gel formulated for natural hair, My Natural Hair Edge Styling Gel (125ml) seems like a promising option. Remember, a gentle touch is key when applying gel to your edges to avoid breakage. With a little practice and the right application technique, you can achieve sleek, long-lasting edges that complement your natural hairstyles.

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